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'Lost in Translation' (Oil on Canvas)

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The story behind the paint...


This piece is designed to capture the attention of its audience and challenge they're perseption of expressing "genuine" emotion. It is common in todays society for people to hide behind a 'mask' giving a false pretence about how they really feel. This is usually due to personal issues, childhood experiences or other various emotional battles we all face. It is a matter which effects the young and old, rich and poor, people from all kinds of backgrounds. No doubt it has become a norm and even for some, a custom, to hide our true emotions at times and put on a 'false smile'.

At first glance, this young woman depicted in this piece appears to be smiling. The exagerated smile and bold colours painted on her face is what initially draws the eye, just as an individual may exagerate an emotion to gain attention or deflect from something else. However, if you look closely at her  expression underneath the painted face, you can see that the young woman is in fact saddened or distressed. The over-exaggerated happy face is destracting onlookers from her true emotions, or you could say that she is hiding who she really is by trying to be something she is not.

This piece exposes the inevitable and infuencial behaviour which we as humans are prone to display. When this occurs, the line between what we really feel and what we want to feel becomes blurred and we no longer can define our emotions as genuine or false, hence we become 'lost in translation'.